About Christina

Christina & Greg

Christina was a bright, funny, beautiful little girl who was mature beyond her age.

She adored cats, cheerleading, Minecraft, Spartan Races and F3. But most of all, she loved spending time with her family. Whether it was a day playing tennis, watching movies, hiking, or going out for pizza, Christina appreciated all the special moments with her Mom, Dad and little brother. She excelled at school, where she attended Blythe Elementary. She was loved by her teachers and her class mates. She was the kid that would befriend the new student in class, cheer up a classmate when they were feeling down or just give a wave or a smile to brighten someone’s day. Although her time on this Earth was drastically cut short, it is quite evident she touched so many lives.

We are all deeply saddened by her passing and have a void that could never be filled.

Christina passed away from a heart condition called myocarditis, an inflammation of the tissue in the heart. Myocarditis is not common. Symptoms may include flu like symptoms, low blood pressure, elevated heart beat, chest pain, dizziness, lethargy and difficulty breathing. If detected, myocarditis can be treated. However, the condition can be fatal if left undiscovered. Although Christina displayed many of these symptoms, the doctors never explored further testing pertaining to her heart. She was originally diagnosed with having a virus and then later dehydration. For more information please visit myocarditisfoundation.org.