The 2nd Annual Memorial 8K & 2 Mile Walk Continues to Grow and Impact!

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We can’t believe the 2nd Annual Christina Latini Memorial 8K, 2 Mile Walk and Virtual run is over. There was so much planning and then in a blink of an eye, we crossed the finish line. As that final week approached, we became a little nervous that we would not equal our previous year’s total. And we heard that is pretty “normal” for races. But yet again we were surprised in a big, big way! 552 participants up 17% from last year! 18 sponsors including our first ever Platinum level by the Charlotte Metro Credit Union. 47 volunteers and 3 partners helping Operation Sweet Tooth and Start 2 Finish to provide another great race and experience. Thank you all so much for your support of our organization and keeping Christina’s spirit alive and well.

From the feedback that we requested, it appears that everyone had another great time for a great cause. We are so grateful to Stephanie and Start 2 Finish for coordinating and organizing our race and really making it special and a must attend event.  We really made it a point to try and be more visible than last year in interacting with our participants, sponsors and partners. We were so excited to have more giveaways, bodywork tables and the very popular Sweet Tooth Smile Cam! And I wouldn’t be surprised if there was even more for next year. I guess you will have to show to know!


We certainly have to thank St. Mark Catholic Church for allowing us to overtake their property and parking lot once again. A big shout out goes to Beth Zuhosky in helping us coordinate with all the moving parts of the race, school and Church. Your partnership with us is truly special and we are so grateful for the support of our Parish!

In thinking back, we are so blessed to have such wonderful support of everyone that made this day special. This fundraiser in instrumental in providing Operation Sweet Tooth the funds to purchase school supplies, toys, personal items and anything else our children need. Last year, we were able to protect the parks within Huntersville by providing life saving equipment in the form of AED’s. We wanted to help ensure the safety of our children while playing in the parks and protect the patrons that watch them.

With each community outreach Operation Sweet Tooth embarks on, we know we are honoring our daughter but more importantly, helping someone, a child, that may be in even more pain than us.  The continued success of this race will allow Operation Sweet Tooth to continue its mission of helping underprivileged children in our community and hopefully having an even greater impact than the year before. Without all the support of the participants, donors and sponsors, this would never be possible.  We thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

We are excited about next year already and we hope you all can be a part of the race again! We are truly humbled and blessed by all your support. God bless!

Greg and Regina and Michael Latini

Operation Sweet Tooth

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