Our Back To School Supply Drive Was A Huge Success

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We cant thank everyone enough for all the huge support of our 2nd Annual School Supply Drive.  Because of your generosity, we raised over 2400 individual school supplies!  We were able to support Classroom Central, Communities In Schools and Blythe Elementary with donation boxes.  15 in total!  In addition, we helped support individual teachers and other schools such as David Cox Elementary and JV Washam Elementary with the help of friends and TIAA’s virtual school drive.  Lastly, we were able to provide a small donation to the Fort Mill School District.  Thanks to F3 Nation and F3 Lake Norman, for their support during their Dads Camps. Also, we would like to thank our neighbors in Centennial for their support with their bake sale and generous match from Hawthorne Management.  The best part by far was Operation Sweet Tooth taking over Walmart and causing chaos in the school supply aisles.  Three carts filled, over a thousand dollars spent and it was worth every cent.  We are blessed and humbled by all the support of our friends, family and neighbors…and those we don’t know who helped our cause!  #ForTheKids #PainIntoPurpose!


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