The Second Annual Operation Sweet Tooth Toy Drive Delivered As Promised!

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Leading into this past holiday season, we were optimistic that we could have a similar, if not greater impact, providing toys for children in our community.   Once again, we are truly humbled by the generosity of so many to allow us to keep our daughter’s spirit alive by positively impacting the lives of children.  This being our second year, we wanted to have an even greater impact.  We were able to help wrap gifts and volunteer for Camino Church.  We participated in a dinner and toy giveaway at the Church of God Orphanage.  We even provided toys for a local fundraiser held by the Huntersville Fire Department in recognition of the now famous “Cone Weed”.  Only some occasions give us the ability to witness the good that we are trying to do.  This year, we had a more personal experience and interaction and we were truly able to realize the impact we had.



We cannot thank everyone enough for their extreme generosity whether it was donating toys, gift cards, personal items, money or time.  There are many organizations trying to do good things and we want to personally take this time for helping support our cause and our mission!  It goes without saying, our deepest gratitude extends to the men of F3 Nation and women of FiA Nation.  Without your support I don’t know how successful Operation Sweet Tooth would be.  In addition, I want to thank several business that were kind enough to host a toy drive for Operation Sweet Tooth.  Puma and Associates Realty, Novant ER in Huntersville, Transunion,  Sport Clips Northlake and McKennys.  Thank you for your continued support of Operation Sweet Tooth.  Without all of you and your generosity, we would not be possible!






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